These Shoes were Co-signed by Drake.

As you peruse this post, make sure to click this link and have the song playing the whole way through. Trust me—it’ll make the read that much better.

Released in October 2016, the Air Jordan 12 OVO in the white colorway is the very definition of class. Although many dislike the Jordan 12 silhouette for its clunky appearance (myself included), I can make an exception for these. A collaboration with Jordan Brand and Drake’s fashion line October’s Very Own, these kicks feature vibrant, creamy whites on the upper alongside brilliant gold decals sprinkled throughout.

If any random person on the street saw you wearing these, they’d maybe take a quick glance, rifle through their head trying to come up with the name of the celebrity they just saw, and then go about with the rest of their day as normal. If a sneakerhead saw you wearing these, they’d probably faint on the spot. While not a sneaker you see frequently, the OVO 12s are sure to make any onlookers immediately stop and stare in amazement.

These sneakers were not meant for a night out with friends or a trip to the movies. No, you could wear them to a black-tie event and few would be mad that you didn’t follow the dress code. These are one of the few pairs that I would say transcend the realm of sneakers and instead belong to high fashion—if you own these, please, do everything in your power to keep them pristine.

At this point, I’m practically drooling over this pair. I’ve always meant to purchase them, but for a thousand dollars I could never bring myself do to it. Plus, I would primarily be wearing them to school—a sin in its own right. These creps deserve better than the rank of a school bus floor or Chipotle bathroom—I feel like I’d be doing the sneaker gods a disservice.

These shoes are, by and large, one of the greatest Nike collabs of all time. A sneaker so good it somehow redeems one of my least favorite Jordan silhouettes.

Verdict: If you choose to cop these (which I hope you do if you have the money and have nothing better to spend it on) or already have these in your possession, never wear them. I’m serious. Display them in your room and forget about them—they’re dead for as long as you don’t have a wedding or anniversary to attend. 10/10.

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